Summer 2011 Update: Writing at Hypebot

As I've previously indicated, I'm now primarily working on All World Dance and Hypebot.  I'll discuss All World Dance separately, cause it's starting to take off, and mention a couple of things about Hypebot here.

I've been writing about the music industry at Hypebot, especially web and marketing aspects, for over two months.  I still feel like I'm settling in to some extent but overall it's going very well.  I'm getting to focus on areas that interest me and that I want to understand more deeply which will, in turn, feed back into the writing so it's definitely headed in a positive direction.

Currently there isn't a separate list of my posts on Hypebot so I've been maintaining a list at Flux Research.  I'm also getting links to posts up on Flux Research's Twitter account and Facebook page.  Since not much more is happening at Flux Research, those are practically now just notices of my Hypebot posts.

If you want to contact me about Hypebot related stuff, please hit me up at: