From the Business of NFTs to the UNCSA Lawsuits

It’s been a minute since I last updated. As some may have guessed, after launching CryptoArtNet, I continued deeper into the crypto and NFT rabbit hole and have been having an amazing time.

Here are my current projects:

NFT Entrepreneur follows the business of NFTs.

CryptoArt News has relaunched with a focus on CryptoArtNet members.

CryptoArtCoin will emerge this year or I will give up my informal title, CEO of $CRAC!

NFT Security is a Twitter account aggregating scam alerts and security insights.

NFT News Wire was, for a time, an NFT press release blog. I now retweet news from the Twitter account.

NC Arts Asylum is providing updates about the UNCSA abuse lawsuits.

Oh, yes, I’m also now making cryptoart as Flux Art NFTs!