Dear Diary: It’s a New Year!

It's early February, 2013, and I'm really feeling good about this New Year. I've explored a lot of possibilities over the last couple of years and seem to have found the right balance after many false starts.

Still writing for Hypebot about the music industry and, after almost a year and a half, I feel like I'm finally hitting my stride.

Putting Crowdfunding For Musicians on hold but that's one of the topics I cover for Hypebot so that feels just fine.

Relaunched All World Dance: Videos. Focusing on videos for now but I'm building an audience and have other content and information products that could follow. And it feels good to be involved with dance again even in such a limited manner.

I'm also working with an old musician friend who needs some help with his web presence and figuring out web marketing. Hopefully people will be hearing about that soon (if I do my job right!) and it's going to feed back into my music industry writing.

On the one hand, I'm helping a friend. On the other, I'm getting to test my current ideas about music marketing in the real world. Seems like a good thing all around!

And that's it for the moment, Dear Diary. Catch you later!