Update: Asheville Fashions, Flux Research, All World Dance

It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has changed.

Buried Quotes has been sidelined and Asheville Fashions has become practically a monthly hobby publication.  However, I'll keep posting there for fun and to keep a minor connection going between life in Asheville and my web publishing.  I don't think Buried Quotes will be back anytime soon.  The project relied on the fact that I wasn't writing fulltime and had time to read a lot of different things all the way through.  That's not possible now that I'm back in action!

I recently relaunched Flux Research with a focus on Web Business Models as my core web publishing project.  However, I kind of scared myself off that wanting a quicker response and feeling like I need to know more to do that project.  I'm all for learning on the job but it felt like the curve was going to be a bit too slow.  So I've refashioned it into a hub for my business writing.  I'll still post occasionally about business models and also include links to my business writing in a category called Clyde Smith Writing.

I'm also now a staff blogger at Hypebot, the leading music industry blog, and am keeping a page with links to my post at Flux Research called Clyde @ Hypebot.  Heading forward that's going to be the primary focus of my business blogging.

My biggest web publishing project is now All World Dance: World Dance News and it's off to a strong start.  It's really my return to the dance world, though I've previously blogged a bit about hip hop dance at Ill Moves, and it just feels right.  I can tell when I'm promoting it that I'm fully behind it and I'm getting ready to take such activities to a new level.  Over the next week I'll have a press release out and a mobile web app in action.  And that feels great!

So, the best laid plans get flipped when necessary.  Web business types are calling that a pivot and says it's a good sign when one knows how to pivot well.  Hopefully I'm becoming expert given my growing experience!