From Clyde Smith To Clyde F. Smith

I’ve moving my proam web updates from to  This move is part of a larger shift in my online identity from Clyde Smith to Clyde F. Smith.

I did all my early writing, from poetry to academic research papers, as Clyde F. Smith. When I started creating websites and shifting to more commercial writing in 2001, I decided to go with Clyde Smith. It seemed simpler and there weren’t many of us online.

However I’ve decided to consolidate all writing, creative and commercial identities as Clyde F. Smith.

I’ll be occasionally updating as a simple log of my activities including active websites.

I can be contacted at clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

Pivots: Headed to Asheville, Changing Web Focus

So I will soon be a resident of Asheville, NC and will found out what's up with that interesting little town.

I'm also considering pivoting my web focus, shutting down the remnants of my current hip hop websites and even closing the still-in-beta College Textbook News.

Hard to believe but there it is.  Actually, Asheville is easy to believe.  It's what happens next that's a bit harder.  However, my current plans are focusing more on dance-related projects and, though some will be quite demanding, I feel like I may be entering a zone where I can accomplish quite a bit.

Asheville by mid-December.  Announcements about web projects as they are ready to be announced.

Final Days of 2010

Wow, thought I had everything in place and now I'm probably moving.  I'll let you know when I'm settled.

Looks like I'm going to exit most of my hip hop related web activities and focus on new projects for a new decade.

Details to follow.